VEIKK A50 drawing tablet review

Details of the Product :

The VEIKK A50 is a matt black drawing tablet with a working size of 10 x 6 inches. System requirements are Windows 10/8/7 vista/XP (32/64bits) or later and MAC os 10.6 or later. As soon as I unboxed the tablet the very first striking feature is its super flat shape, no gimmicks only required features. Also the surface is nearly like a paper, good for new users. The back of the Tablet has premium checkered texture with 4 rubber grips. The front area comes with 8 Hot keys and a Touch pad in between. The Hot keys/Touchpad are used to avoid keyboard and work efficiently. These keys can be custom feed with your command prompt. So if you are not happy with the factory settings you can change it, so is with the PEN. It has 2 buttons on it, which can be custom feed. The PEN is passive one, no need to charge, with good grip. I have a Drawing tablet from a different brand, its NIB is not adjusted properly. But VEIKK surprisingly has the correct adjustments, nor too loose nor to tight. The only problem I feel is that it should have a small clip like thing to stop it rolling over from the table top and this is same with other brands too. This PEN doesn’t have a typical CAP but has a soft pen pocket to protect it. I have tried a caricature on Photoshop with this Tablet, and it came quite good. My computer runs on Windows 7.So I suppose this tablet runs on all major platforms. Another feature I liked is the connecting cord which is in “L” shape at the end of the tablet. That ways we have no hindrance. Overall, this tablet is worth its price. That is below 95 USD.

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