Government jobs in India constitute upto 4% of the total pie.

Very few of us know that government jobs in India constitute only 4% of the total pie. While 5% of the private sector, 47% in agriculture and remaining are unemployed and in the unorganised sector. (2020 census)

You must be astonished why we are getting into this data? And how it is related to the caste system in India and why the people in large should be bothered about the number of jobs than on caste.

The world doesn’t know that cast system exists in India, and those who deny this fact may have to check their domicile or other  government document where your caste is mentioned.

The constitution of India has given reservation in education and government jobs to some particular caste who suffered atrocities because of being from a that caste.

The so called “open category” does not enjoy the benefits. India is majorly divided into 4 major caste or religion system 1)OPEN 2) OBC,other backward class 3) SC/ST, schedule caste/ schedule tribe and 4) minority. The first 3 category are majorly from Hindu community while minority group constitute Muslims, Christian’s ,sikhs ,Jains etc with their own set of sub caste.

Recently the constitution has agreed for reservations to economically weaker section also. That may contain open category as well. This makes the picture much more complex and murkier. It’s like if almost everybody is getting a reservation, nobody is! But that’s not my agenda in this article. Then what it is?

Imagine a room having hundred people, and only 4 are getting good food and lifestyle remaining 96 are toiling for all, No government support,and then the remaining 96 are making hue and cry about who will get the reservation! 

The final moto of everyone is to get a government job when there are only 4 seats in 100. Why even bother about it and waste time. People should be more bothered about,the present education system and will it cater jobs in future?

Now let’s talk about people on the top. Right from independence till date every political party is milking the caste based vote bank. 75plus years of independence and still less literacy and growing population seems to be a well planned conspiracy. When every top leader knows there are no jobs, why are they promoting more kids per couple? None the less we are 2nd most populated country in the world. To add to these woes, artificial intelligence kills more job in future.

Another question is about salary structure of the 4%employees. They are being paid handsomely throughout these years. I mean, why they are being paid ten times the guys with the same education, but working in a private job? In corona itself when their salary must have been chucked off, they were paid more! Why the need to feed them more? The answer is simple.

4% is being pampered so much by the top leaders because these government officials  manage all their work, may it be right or wrong and it is there outmost duty to take care of them and there has to be a filter between the citizen and the politician. It’s like a handful of people, politicians and bureaucrats are enjoying the fruits of India.

The constitution of India gives equal rights to any individual to run for an election and be at the top. It may be relevant 75 years back when India got independence with less literacy. But today the same old constitution is been misused by the goons, illiterates, and antisocial elements to be in the decision making machinery. The constitution should put forth a law where only graduates can run for elections.

Imagine an illiterate, even if he wants to help the country, wanting to bring new reforms? Does he have the mental capability to bring those on the ground? When even for a smallest job of a peon (office boy) the government asks them to be at least a twelfth grader then how a person handling the top most post is not being questioned. The system has to change for sure.3rd grader can’t write a countries destiny. Indians are too emotional and do vote for political  candidates based on caste or economic status. High time the constitution had to be revamped or overhauled before it’s too late.

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