Mirror mirror on the wall who is the prettiest of all.

Liar liar in my hand tell me who is going to take a stand.

The first mirror a human could have discovered was his reflection in the lake. Then came polished metal mirrors That were limited to the richest. Then came Mercury / Silver backed mirrors and finally aluminium coated mirror that were cheaper and not limited  to a particular class. 

Through these years we have been reading stories about some magical mirrors that take you in a different world if you see in it and stories where the mirror shows what you want to see and not the reality. And stories where you can talk across different world with your loved ones or complete strangers.

And then human invented mobile phones. The mirror that lies to You. It makes you happy whatever you are!

Do you know what cookies are? Have you seen biscuits? Somewhat like that? No! Here in the online world, cookies mean  whatever you do on your internet world, stored on your device, may it be a mobile or laptop is being read by every app, website or social site and they get an idea about what you have been doing online and what you are seeking for.It may be some information or something to eat or searching some tourist destination And the advertisements start showing accordingly.

Now some say the biggest social media platforms and search engines even hears your conversation and extracts leads for the advertisements.

Once I had seen pictures of a social media founder / CEO sitting next to his laptop with a sticker on the camera lens. Even he is not sure that an unguarded camera could snoop in.

Getting back to our main topic, the liar  mirror now has filters in it. To make you look prettier, long hairs, younger, and you can even change your modest background. So it comes to a conclusion that whatever we see in this mirror can be a lie.

Hundreds of people go into depression after looking into their friends, peers, social media handle which might be digitally managed.

Also online video calls or live broadcast on social media channels while on the go has resulted in severe accidents and deaths.

I have never seen people putting pictures with serious faces. Everyone with fake smiles, doing things which normally thousand others are not doing. 

Sometime it is feels that this leads to consumerism. People buy unnecessary things which are of no use or used only ones. Use and throw cutlery, fast fashion are to name a few.

Everybody is quantifying emotion, losses or anything related to ecosystem in dollars. News agencies can be seen using sentences like “California / Amazon forest fires have destroyed million dollars of wood, resources. But no one is talking about the irreversible damage to mother Earth which no amount of dollar can revamp. 

American’s buy cheap clothing from underdeveloped countries like Bangladesh. Both the countries only think in terms of monetary gain. But is it ecologically sustainable to make a shirt and transport it and wasting so much fuel when America itself can make their shirts. What they need is  less consumption.

Now how the internet in hand in gloves with mobile phones is destroying the world. Many of us don’t know that the internet is not just wireless transmission and satellite. But it also constitutes of 4 to 6 inches underwater wires running across oceans thousands of miles from continents to continents.

The data of everything happening on the internet stored in the servers (like your computer) which might be placed thousands of miles away from the user. Which sometimes is not needed. The speed of the internet is so much that you never imagine that your email has crossed half of the world and came back to a local vendor only a few walks away.

So where is the problem you might be thinking,it’s the energy and resource required to manage this. The server is needs electricity and they emit heat wherever used. 

China has banned bitcoin mining in its country. So the companies have shifted to countries like Texas.Silent hinterlands of Texas or now noisy and require lots of electricity to run them. 

Coming back to the individual users, sleeping cycles has been drastically changed after the Internet. Our ancestors had complete sleep, but with the advent of TV and the internet it has reduced, leading to health complications like less concentration, fatigue, organ failure etc.

So keeping all this in mind it is our responsibility to use it accordingly and not flow with the multimillionaire founders dream of making our life an almost hundred percent virtual one.

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