Patriarchy-Milking the Cow.

Probably this whole human world economy is marriage centered. When a girl and a guy marry, they need a hall, function, catering, photographer, a car, cloths and a house, food, a job ahead. You go for a honeymoon, spend on many things. And this is only the start. Then you have a good two to three years of marriage.

Then comes pregnancy. You need a hospital, a doctor, a nurse, housemaid, medicines, new cloths for the baby and the mother.Later you have the kids’ education, his cloths, food, his toys, etc. and when he gets to a good age the circle of life repeats. He gets married.

The reason to give you this usual detail is to put emphasis on marriage. And here comes the shocker, who is the payer and who is the usual one to spend?

You agree or not the guy has to bear the burn, or the major chunk of it. The society is being made like that, or to say the nature. The male is the saviour,while the female is to reproduce. 

Nowhere the female role is been diminished. She is equally important. But if you see in terms of the world economy, males are on the centre stage.

While saying all this there is a stark difference in this role with respect to the region.

In rural portions the female is the one who is responsible for it, but when it comes to urban platform, the man has to take it.

How a major diamond company made a norm,that a guy has to gift a diamond ring 

to propose. The higher the value, the higher is her happiness, as far as the advertisement suggests. Nowhere, in any culture the diamond ring ceremony is in existence. 

Here starts the story where the title  of this article comes forth. ” Milking the cow”

It’s how ,after the advent of newspaper, cinema, television and social media later, the male gender has been forced to follow all the new laws, where he has to be a gentleman and open the car doors for her. I mean why it is needed? Is she handicap? Whichever episode you start with, you see a male gender to pay or take responsibility of her.

If you are on a dinner date, the male has to pay for it. Give her flowers or a gift. Get your car to bring her and drop her. Her safety is also your responsibility. 

Now this is about the western culture, if we see the rest of the world, the male has to do some major work. In Islam the guy has to settle an alimony before he gets married to a girl. It’s called “Meher ki Rakam”.

Even in major part of the world the guy has to pay the alimony,why not the other way round? 

Why all laborious work is done by men? If females say they are equal,  then they should work hard as men do. And how many girls like a car mechanic or a guy with dirty job?

Why the girl is looked upon for beauty and a man of his income? Some have a clinical reason for it. They say girl who is good to be a mother looks attractive and the male who can give stability is good to marry, but not to be the best lover. Girls have different yardsticks for a good lover.

Why this article in the first place? It is to bring forth the issue that how far a guy will be pressurised to be good looking,healthy, from a good family background and also having good money. Social media has milked the idea of a  man to take care of female’s happiness.

 Why? And why every advertisement may it be of a men’s undergarment has to do with females smiling face or impressing her. Why it is not about his comfort?

Why every shaving kit has to do with them. Any product you see is to make her happy and indirectly or directly the male has to pay for it, may it be her father, brother or lover ,husband? Why can’t she handle herself? 

If this article is being read by a female, I have a question for them, how much you spend when it’s an all women night out and how much you “expect” when with guys?

I don’t want to be politically right to make you happy.

Today every woman, from a rich or not so good background wants a high stature guy.

I mean has she been given a ticket with her birth as a female?

Sounds too male chauvinist? I don’t mind. I mean somebody has to stand for men.

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