Incredible story that will change how you think about patriarchy.

She just turned 16. Got a two wheeler from her parents. 

She has all the independence, her relatives lived nearby, 

Sometimes she used to meet them, but sometimes she got really late to come back.

1 AM, but no problem. Her dear ones use to call from both ends before she came back home.

But this made her feel that travelling at night is safe. This continued till she was 29.

It means it took 13 years to register that this is safe.

Then she got married to a good guy. Now she was 30, but her habit of travelling at night, that too alone, never changed.

Her husband used to warn her about the dangers of it, but she said that this is patriarchy. “You want to control me and my freedom, “she said.

So her husband stopped telling her.

It seems todays females live there lives by books. If the law says its your right that you can travel at any hour they never say it is safe or guarantee safety. But females just have a thought that this has been done. 

One night this girl goes missing.

And her husband runs all night to search her and……

lands in the police station in the morning. Now this same authority who has pumped in the girl’s mind that everything is safe and the law who say, you are equal to a male, now questions this husband that “can’t you control your wife” as if he is her master and he has the sole responsibility to save her.

If this incidence never happens, then this husband has to be worried about his wife’s safety all  his life, that is, almost 40 years. It took 13 years for her parents and the authority to give her a false assumption of safety, but 40 years for the husband to live in fear.

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