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Once there lived a young girl named Rita in a small village. Her father was a farmer. She belonged to a mediocre family. Restricted resources in her life made her life as simple as it would be. Every day she had some daily course of work, starting with collecting from the well and storing in the container inside. Then serving cattle food, then tea and breakfast for her family.Then her preparation for school. Being on the opposite side of the village, she had to cross many homes to reach the school. One of the homes belonged to Rishi, her classmate.

So till now I have created an establishing story. And you might have gauged the story ahead as well. Isn’t that too predictable? I will continue this story ahead, but first let me start one more story. It goes like this.

Once there lived a young girl in a city named Tina. Her father was a businessman. She belonged to a fairly upgraded family. Not all but she had almost every resource in her approach. Every day she had some daily course of work,starting from brushing her teeth,using the washroom , taking a good shower,having breakfast made by servants.Then, leaving for the school. Being a big city she had to cross many homes to reach to the school. Many classmates lived in between, like John, Mathew and Ethan, she had a good friendship with almost every guy. This story was somewhat same as the above, but little difference. 

Many of you might anticipate a love story between the two in the first story. Meanwhile the second story gets little different. So the real reason for you to think that way is your brain has calculated that there are only two souls in one place with no options, naturally they will be respecting each other and giving quality time to each other.While in the second story, it seems imminent that both from the girl and boy side the options are  immense. Making it difficult for an individual to respect the others presence. And then comes humility towards each other. 

Let’s add some content to the first story. You might have even imagined in a small village people are few and they do keep good terms with each other so there is a good chance of the two souls getting together. Meanwhile,in the other story the place so big the people bothered to keep good terms is less. Now comes a big twist in the plot. The village is now having an internet connection. Every other person his having a mobile phone. They can talk to any guy anywhere in the world. So the probability of left alone is scared. And the scenario,now is same all the way from cityscape to the village. 

Three decades ago, it was the postal  system that connected people. The letters that were sent were through multiple hands. May be the letters land up in your mothers or any other person in between, so words were thoughtfully used. Now all the emails / messages are encrypted so you can write  whatever your fantasy permits. It is also felt the one to one relation is also taken for granted.

Have you seen nature at  work. Everything which is natural takes its own time. Even giving birth to a child takes nine months, and also human relationship.To know a person to be friend with, or to marry him/her, it takes time,but if internet provides left/right swipe quick relationship what you would expect from such relation. Everybody likes this system even after this major flaw, because it also gives them the excuse of not being good or responsible for its doings. 

Now the real reason to have such a workshop was to understand why humans are lacking humanity and gratitude towards each other. For last two years India has increased cases of culprit killing its victim in relation or sometimes not in relation and cutting into parts and disposing off as if they were animals.The same has been seen before in the US. School shooting in the rise. Some may blame the gun laws but the handling of weapons by parents/guardian, keeping them in unprotected areas,relation between kids and parents and finally gun laws are also to be blamed. But the  strongest reason is not having human emotion in this society.

Artificial intelligence has also added to this problem. Humans are not needed anymore in many places. And the human mind as usual leads towards its animal instinct of being real to the things in front of him and that too at present. Now he is not bothered about the future or the past, he had with that person. It’s like a dog in its heat! He doesn’t need to marry any female before executing his task or we might see some animals eating there own species when hungry. The only thing that differentiates us from animals is the humility and the sense of gratitude among us.

So someone from the political arena or the top 500 billionaires have to work on it. Because most of the development  we see in this world is not needed by the 99.99% of the society. It is being just to satisfy the heaps and fancies of the rich and famous.Big roads ,rockets, loads of clothes, big mansions, luxurious car, being famous, having property worth millions to name a few. 

The society has been divided into 20 /80 ration. Where 20 decide and 80 suffer.And after the invention of the internet and the Capability to handle any industry remotely through cameras, bio matrix, e-commerce,defence system and coding the chances of this world being managed by a handful of people is not far away.