The chauvinist Indian male Vs The pseudo feminist

Note: Extremely strong and venomous words in this article. Please use your discretion to avoid shock or go through this male chauvinist article. You might think it was written by a male for a male. The article doesn’t take the responsibility to make you happy or feel content. It may hurt your sentiments, ego or wellbeing.Mature content ahead,make sure you above 21 in age.

Today I was watching  Russian VLog on YouTube. Some blonde girls  were hanging around the Indian subcontinent. I was amazed to hear that the girl in the video liked Some other country in comparison with India. She was angry about the staring eyes of Indian males. For a brief time frame I agreed to this. I know Indians have a habit to stare,every thing which is unknown to them and specially the girls. But then it happened to me to see the second video of the same channel with these girls hanging around in Varanasi. I was pretty amazed to see one of the girls wearing inappropriate dress or maybe she chose to wear  revealing dress in the holy city.

I thought of commenting below the video that she should respect the culture of the country where she is visiting. Imagine you are visiting any Islamic country or a South East Asian country where wearing skimpy clothes is not common, what will you expect from the locals.

This might be the right side of my brain thinking conservatively. I also thought I would get a reply from some 20 year old Indian girl asking me  to be more broad minded. Then the left side of my brain questioned this virtual modern Indian girl that what the west country has achieved by allowing  or to say, agreed upon females wearing lesser clothes?

Across Europe the largest percentage of females who are in depth, are probably single mothers with kids left alone to fight the world.I have seen videos where these moms are toiling to get back their inventory getting confiscated by the loan companies.What even United States citizens got from this kind of freedom or to say feminism, which has nothing to do with the society or its upliftment but only her body and the amount of clothes she wears. 

Does feminism only deal with the female in Concern and her thought process which might be right or wrong towards the society.The US and the Europeans have undoubtedly The largest percentage of divorce cases with single parenting. What do you see in a female getting married to 3 different people in one life? Isn’t it a stray kind of lifestyle. We have seen stray dogs with numerous partners and unknown siblings with only the animal instinct to play a major role in their lives. 


If everything is about only “Me” and nothing to give to the society. The western world is definitely More focused  towards physical needs and bodily well-being then  peace of mind. While writing all this I miss the point that this blog was about typical men specially Indian men’s. Yes from yesterday I was worried why Indian males are being ignored and there is no prominent place In the society. Every male as soon as  he is out of his college and out of his parents umbrella He is toiling for his definite niche or place in the society. He is just there to work hard or give competitive exams as that’s the only way he could get a better lifestyle and a good wife for sure. Every common man dreams of getting married to a beautiful female. I repeat “a beautiful wife” and that may sound rude, but that’s the truth on the face of this earth. 


Men who do not get beautiful wife’s they just hide it with their lies that they were looking out for a pure soul and not for the skin. Sounds racist or what I don’t know , but it’s true. More Shocking will be that even females also want handsome man, More the height of a guy more are the chances of getting a good girl. That’s what mother nature is all about.

Back to my topic. So why males in society are ignored in general. Why we see Indian males dying with cardiac arrest , heart attacks or major disease in their early forties. Now that has come down to the thirties. Why this is happening. And why the females are surviving the odds. Firstly, I thought it’s because of the wrong social fabric where the male is just an object to earn money and safety for the family before and after marriage. 

Have you seen Indian marriages? Not the fat Indian marriages or the Bollywood marriages. I am talking about the middle class or lower income marriages. Where do you see the men in their forties in these marriages? They will be seen standing single or quietly standing in the second circle or just a passive spectator. 

But There are few men who are the  exception. These minorities are government employees with good salaries and future and they are flocked by  females of every age with different interests to be fulfilled.Many girls are in awe of these males as they are the Alfa providers, big cars, bungalows good education to their kids.These girls eminently nearing are awestruck and there is a feel good factor hovering around these males. Many girls do need leads for how to go for govt jobs Or he might help them meet a bachelor from his office or know how.“Easy way to comfortable life”.

Meanwhile the remaining 97 percent guys hang alone, accidentally coming across relatives, with short conversation like how are you doing? Or how many days are you in this city? Etc. there is nothing which makes them attractive. They have been neutralised by the society once they marry. And even if they are not married, modest looking with a normal career ,not a single girl is interested in them. Because today every Indian girl as a big dream  pumped by social media or Bollywood or peers to get married to a government official or a millionaire but no less than that.

Thanks to filters on those mobile phone cameras. Every female is using them indiscriminately and imagining themselves flawless. Majorly they don’t have smooth skin or are on the hefty side and closeup shots do help them make their lies look real. Now they rarely use mirrors it seems. And moreover, If not mobiles, Just before getting  into any function they do visit a beauty parlour to add a layer of foundation and other creams to look white and smooth skinned. There is a full industry  to make these ugly ducks  look like swans. The choice of dress also plays an important role to make them look petite. And these girls know it all. 

Meanwhile, men of the same age are happy with the same old suite they were wearing for last five years. Face cream is the only makeup they might be wearing. Now imagine a real male face versus a made up female face. The Real shock  awaits for the groom in his first night with a girl when she removes all her makeup. So I feel  Indian females are more equipped ,especially in urban areas, than men. 

The Second reason I feel for Indian male misery is  the law of the land. While the government is worried about the rights of the poor or rural females who might have to face atrocities, but the same law is being misused by urban girls at large. Section 498-A -the easiest way to get rich scheme. Marry an unaware well-to-do guy and then report a false complaint of domestic violence and get divorce plus alimony. Even the girls’ parents are sometimes working hand in gloves with them. The government is still struggling to understand that this is happening. How a girl could just marry a guy for this and go bed with him for a brief amount of time. This might look like a big deal to get rich, but I have an answer to it. 

We know that porn is rampantly seen with no restriction. But have you ever thought that do only men see this? And that’s why guys of all ages stare at girls? You will  be astonished to know that even Indian females watch porn , and the change it has brought to their mindset might not be digestible. We all know that male or female, Both are basically animals who have socialised by human laws. Wearing cloths and getting married to a single person and be honest to him/her are the key elements to it. Otherwise, what’s the difference between animals and us. But now when females watch porn, even there line of sanity is being pulled to the edges. 

History has seen kings, having many wives, but not vice versa. But now even females with the same set of economic and social independence are thinking like men. It means “what’s the problem with sleeping with a guy for money or fun or alimony. Now don’t tell me that females are pure souls with a gold certificate from god in their hands to justify that they have never cheat. Many say  men are the once who cheat their wife’s. But the irony is, the guy has cheated for some other female. Do you see what I see. A female is ruining other female’s married life. This has happened before and happening now also. 

Let get back To the topic again, why men suffer? The other reason why men are not getting the place they deserve because they themselves are not worried about it. The world says it is being run by males and they agree to this. This might have been right way back,but not now. Today’s men are happy in their cozy dreams that they run the world. No, they do not! So what we see in a typical Indian male? He is born to do a job or business, have kids and die someday.

Firstly a man is always in competition with the other. Even after getting married and their future has been written, Men do not respect other men. If, from the same age group they see each other as competitors or then they will be wanting false respect to be the eldest in the lot. Have you ever seen a guy crying because of his wife’s atrocities amongst a group of men? No ,never! as we  know this guys will be ridiculed by others.we all believe in the notion that says “men don’t cry”. Are Men gods? They can’t be  harassed or bullied by a female? You have heard a quote ” Be a man” ,it  means be brave. Here bravery is equal to be born as a men. What ridiculous ideology the world is running upon?In India men after work have numbered activities. You can see them in bars, drinking and coming back to home late at night, or if they don’t drink or their pocket doesn’t allow them they come back and become coach potatoes. Favourite channels being cricket or politics. How predictable!

All Indian men start thinking about their health only after retirement. All their major life changing or life enhancing plans are after job retirement. Till then they are just busy making, saving and investing money and letting it grow for their so called “future”, which definitely includes their  hospital bills as they were programmed by the society for this.(India does not provide social security to its citizens)

An Indian male all his life is working for bills, life insurance, car insurance, children’s future education, government taxes, and finally for his hospital bills. He has ignored his health for long working hours to justify the society that he is working hard and could sleep every night guilt free.What kind of life an Indian male is living? May be every other male on this planet is living the same life. 

So finally he is also responsible for his venerable situation. Time to change all this for a brighter tomorrow for all men and Indians in particular.

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