Will Artificial intelligence kill 90% of human population?

The storm is about to come. While the world is busy with religion, politics,games,entertainment and livelihood some one is waiting to turn your life up side down. Who is he? It’s not a human nor he is an alien. It’s artificial intelligence which was basically made by humans. 

I do remember many films,movies ten years back showing some mothership or mother cell or mother brain may be from another world trying to destroy the earth which were finally saved by the heroes at the end of the movie. But here’s a little twist in the story, today in real life the mother brain is not from any other planet but it’s home made bun ready to eat you. 

The heroes are the real villains in real world. You might wonder why I am so pessimistic about this subject? The reason being very clear. The humans will be in the receiving end only, just to consume whatever is been served by the AI. 

To start with, Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook ,YouTube to name a few, decide what you will be watching the whole time. Algorithm do their work efficiently,and sometimes that can be twigged if the owner of the platform is being fed by some political party. We have many stories where the head of such platform had been interrogated by the parliament of a democratic country for Misleading the majority which resulted in riots and massacres of the minorities. 

Third party data collection is now very common. Every other function on your phone is now an app. Which collects what you do and even what you type. no privacy! No body in this world suspected why the mobile and its wireless technology was been offered to the masses at an affordable price while some one in the dark was paying for it. It was because the mighty and the millionaires wanted to collect all the intelligence and also the psychological aspect of a human. Humanoid is in the preparation. They want the robots to have emotions like humans. How scary it can be.

The recent iron dome Israel news baffled the world. How the AI decides to neutralise the randomly fired enemy missiles  in a fraction of seconds.may be in future no foot soldiers will have to give there lives in any war. But on the other hand mass killing of common people is inevitable. The surface of the earth has been measured by satellites from length to breath, and real-time presence of any living being can be borrowed to attack. drone videos from Afghanistan are the testimony to new war culture. Where the tech rich country can counter an enemy from its drawing room.

Humanoid robots are now in the making,where they can walk like a man or a dog. They may be loaded with weapons for the future. But the chance of encountering with a defect in such killing machines can bring the world on its toes. 

Deep fake then came into existence.the infamous Obama fake public interview brought the capability of the AI on the table. Porn sites are flooded with deep fake celebrity videos.the dark side of human lust has now wings. It is said if you got few photos of any person and a free app on the internet you can make a fake video of that particular person. This thing is a threat to democracy and peace in the world. You will never know  that a video you are watching is real or fake. May be your beloved leader is asking for some change or has announced a war against the neighbouring country on the television,how could you know that this might be a state emergency where your leader has been killed or abducted overnight.and his virtual videos is been giving false orders? Saddam Hussein was supposed to have at least ten clones while he was alive. Today it seems you don’t even need any clones. 

Then came the AI artist app. This app can mimic any artist with any topic you want. Just type your favourite artist and the subject to be drawn, Wollah ! there you have it, A horse made by the Leonardo Da Vinci.  Just print in any good size and their goes your local artist out of the window. No talent needed. 

But now we have ChatGTP, this new website, which can write letters, articles, poems, songs and whatever you want it in a fraction of seconds, and if you want it in your language, it can even do that for you. the only thing left was coding, which actually were the mantras that made computers and artificial intelligence to do your work efficiently,seamlessly, which this thing can write as per your orders. Imagine ! it is so simple that you have to just type like a layman about the code you want. So this is for sure, that within an year or two all coders are out of job. 

Who else is out of job after five years? Everyone except those who repair things or have certain skill set,things which the AI can’t do or the things which will be super expensive if it does. Trimming the lawn, making coffee,dishwashing, cooking or driving a car everything can be done. Humans will be left to do only mundane work like filling up certain bowls with grains and veggies in the kitchen or spare parts in a car manufacturing unit. Even checking the defective veggies or the car parts will be done by AI. 

So what changes are to be seen in coming future. The work where humans used their brains will be replaced by AI. And the food for AI ? Guess what? It’s the electricity which will be needed to run those computers and machines. And I bet this world will be hotter than expected. All these save the earth summits are just faux-concerns. 

The Paris Agreement , G20 India summit for earth has no meaning if  parallel to these high profile summit by international political leaders is been shadowed by handful millionaires working on AI. Already crypto currency needs immense electricity and the servers that mine its information throw an humongous amount of heat in the atmosphere. It was said that America always wanted dollar to be there in every transaction made world wide. Now it seems the digital currency giant companies and not the countries will rule the world. 

Facebook recently came up with the new virtual world experiment  through meta verse. They wanted all the Facebook users not to just be a spectator but indulge inside the virtual world. They wanted the bridge the gap between the real and virtual world. But thanks to the world that they disapproved to wear those headsets. May be because they were expensive or to say cumbersome. But sooner or later this will be a reality, if not Facebook any other company will be fiddling with this concept. And then no human will be interacting with others, no human company or conversation, nothing at all, Cause whatever you want will be given to you in real time in sync with real world. Imagine you are travelling a foreign country in 1880s, and you want to ask for direction to a place. You needed to talk to the locals, but now Google maps have changed the game. This has been so overpowering that now even in your own city you don’t ask for directions.the voice guides you at cost of your privacy. 

Imagine a world were no one will be talking to no one. AI will be teaching you all you want to know. Colleges,schools with AI screens to teach you. Recently the corona pandemic did gave us a glimpse of what can AI do? Zoom calls, no need to go to school or work place. 

The world is at the brim to take a big turn, where humans will be only the consumers and not the creators. Fat souls all over with major diseases like blood pressure, diabetes and other alignments caused by no work policy. 

Major part of the world will die due to no work. Only few having the wealth to sustain will live,while ninety percent of the human race will extinct.The unimaginable is just a few steps ahead. I don’t know if it’s accidental or deliberate to call todays generation as the Gen Z. As we all know there is no letter after Z. 

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