10 Brutal Truths About Artificial Intelligence and World Art.

Did the IT programmers/coders who created chatgpt and other AI products consider the possibility that AI would eventually supplant them? giving birth to a child who will kill its own mother. The master has created its own assassin. The snake eating its own tail.

As an artist, I have heard a lot of commotion about how artificial intelligence (AI) may replace artists. Which, in my opinion, is still not a simple task. As far as we all know, these websites are still in their infancy and people are currently just toying around with them. Questions like “write a narrative book” or “create random images and portraits” are examples of prompts.

Portraits and pictures.

All of these images, in my opinion, lack good resolution. It means it’s unlikely or difficult to create a three by five-foot canvas, and if someone wants to, they’ll need a powerful computer, lots of time, energy, and big printers—and they’ll need to print on a canvas, not paper. Printing will therefore be very expensive, if the output is even feasible. Someone will do better to employ an artist for less money. Additionally, the charm of human artists will persist forever. Nobody wishes to disparage his collection by claiming that it is all artificial intelligence-generated, subpar art.

Let’s look at the other side of the issue, where the general public wants inexpensive decoration items for the interiors of their homes or offices. This issue predated AI. There were already replicas of the Mona Lisa and works by Leonardo da Vinci available for purchase.

Comic books and picturebooks 

What will happen if you ask the AI to create a comic book or a children’s book? 

1) Start by asking an AI website for five to six intriguing story ideas. Choosing whichever one you want to elaborate on. Ask the website to perform it.

2)Ask to create a storyboard. 

3)Prompt to know how many characters are in the story.

4)Detailing every character.

5)Ask multiple postures of each character to be used later.

6)Ask multiple backgrounds required in the story.

7)Ask to make at least four side pictures of a single background.

8)Decide how many panels on each page or ask AI.

9)Juxtapose required characters with desirable background.

10)Ask AI to write dialogues for each panel.

11)Speech bubble, it’s placement?

12)Flow of the story on each page.

13)Color them in one theme.

14)Cover page.


This will take hundreds of hours and imagination.If this guy who is using AI is an artist will prefer using his own skills rather getting mad with million of prompts. And if this guy is not an artist, He has to be competent enough to gauge that his final outcome is artistic enough to be sold in the market. He would rather choose some other means to earn quick cash as you know his intention would be only money and not art.

The difference between an artist and a non artist is that how he wants to earn money, the method he likes to earn. The artist is happy with less money. But the other guy is not.

So definitely in first place he will ask for something else from AI than comic book, portrait or picture book.Here we notice that we are helping AI to humanise but AI not solving hundred percent of your queries.


Meanwhile, storytribeapp.com is coming up with storyboard app which will minimise your work,but at the same time making authentic comic book will be a far cry. It may result in low quality generic comic book with same face and body type. 

DALL.E 2 and mid journey 

They are helping out layman to create images from text. Portraits and pictures are okay, but comic and storyboarding will need intense knowhow about the flow of the story, panel to panel transition. It’s like asking a bot artist to make drawings for you and repeat it till you are satisfied and at the same time you are well versed with the art. Giving a set of movie crew to a bystander doesn’t make him a director. 

The real threat is for the output which is in black and white, it means the output which includes letters and numbers , what is better then  coding to earn lots of money. Ask any code it will give you. Calculators were the first AI used by mankind, but it also made us more dependable. People use it for lame additions and  subtraction. The Same will happen with AI. We will become only consumers and not creators. 

After 20 years everything will be decided by an AI and We will be left to just eat, sleep, and merrymaking. Every human will be obese, bored, angry and also less trust worthy. Easy access to anything and the desire not to work will lead to Cheating and infidelity. A human with no work and with VR headsets provided by META, will indulge in virtual infidelity, Already social media, messaging apps are creating a tsunami in married lives.


It is all set to go virtual. Low-latency network (5G),VR headsets coupled with various perceptive system(eg. haptic feedback devices) will play the key role.

Various places where it can create storms are:


Metaversity to educate the masses in virtual universities in 3D. Many brick and bat university will close. Many layoffs as only one teacher for many students. Bot teachers to help thousands of students at one time.


Control them from anywhere.Big giants can go places with this Tech. No physical presence required. Small scale Local industries will suffer.The only work left will be service oriented.Manufacturing will be monitored from headquarters. Less workers will be needed. Only workers for Emergency breakdowns.

3.Travel and tourism-travel anywhere from your home.

Onsite tourism will not suffer that much. As the users of this tech will be not the one who love travelling. Actual experience can’t be replaced. It may give a boost to the actual industry. People will be curious to see the actual after virtual visits.

4.Retail business.

Local brick and bat retail shops will suffer  a huge dent. Already online marketing has forced big shopping malls to close. 3D experience and ability to feel the product will add to their misery. Users will visit virtual shops, examine the products, buy it online. The product will reach their homes within weeks.

Commercial properties in the city will suffer humongous losses as no such thing will exist as prime property. Any store can expand to its will. Huge losses to the government who collect taxes on property and building works. Some may skip the goods and service tax as the buyer and the seller can be doing business secretively.

Car prices will drop as less travelling will be involved. No traffic jams. Fuel consumption will be less,  resulting to greener ecosystem,but at the price of real human to human interaction. 

So META is going to create chaos in the near future. 


Parallel to this some scientist / researchers, doctors are  working on a super human breed. A DNA / genetic code which is superior, prettier, healthier, sexier and immune to disease. AI could assist them to achieve it is less time and also to reproduce.The  world will be full of clones, with slight changes or little changes to add variety to life. 

White, whitish,  brown, black etc. Sharp nose, rounded nose, broad shoulders, normal shoulders etc. Even pregnant woman could control her offsprings gender, looks and body type and predict that he will look like Tom Cruise,Mother Teresa,Obama,Hitler or Gandhi.The world will be such a boring place to live. Maybe in the future a country can decide what  percent of the population will be in the defence to counter the enemy. It is as if to control the world will lead to uncontrolled world. It’s like a monkey with a sword.

The advent of corona still not has straightened up the  human race. The world was on a stand still for almost two years. Getting out of Corona has given a wrong impression to to the rich and the millionaires that they are invincible. They have cheated death. 

The Earth  has already given a hint of a major catastrophe it can give when humans fiddle with the ecosystem. Still, every wrong thing is on the rise. It seems this is the start of the end of the world.

Why Search engines doesn’t have negative feedback from the public.

In Yesteryears  humans used libraries. Fetch some books and come up with a good answer. Search engines became the Morden arms of this culture. With endless books and information at your door step. The opera between Humans and machines entwined in each other kept a check on the outcome and also on what was ethical. 

When you use a search engine, you get  a set of websites. You select some two to five websites to visit and get a balanced information as per your wisdom and trust on the source. It may be an official government, institutional, banking, etc site mixed with what the other websites have to say about the topic. In all this exercise, the original content website or the writer gets its due and also the revenue they earn from the site visits. But now with AI websites every other website has been pushed to the back seat. All the revenue and the credits a source website was earning has vanished into thin air. 

In near future, only hundreds of questions will be seen dangling in the internet space and no answers as  providers will avoid the space for not being Remunerated. 

Moreover chatAI websites do not show the source of information so it is difficult to say that it’s 100% accurate or the given prompt. We have been using Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines and many a times we give prompts that were wrongly interpreted by them and so we had a chance to correct it. On chatAI websites the chance of knowing that your question has errors is less.AI websites have taken it to themselves. Which will make humans lazy and prone to errors.

We can analyse that the crowd who will be using AI websites will be those who want quick fix solutions. Those who have no patience. So while getting humanise AI has greater chance to clone itself like the user.Remaining type of human behaviour will not be solicited.And looking at the cascading effect this inpatient AI will influence the remaining population directly or indirectly. 

It is said that losers are philosophers,many of us have lost some crucial relationships, jobs, belongings etc. in our lives. But that had never made us bitter enough to go against the society. We are at peace with it or have the patience for things to fall into place and come back to us. While it will be difficult for an AI bot, to answer human behaviour or suggest a human that his problem doesn’t have quick or no solution. 

AI will not humanise but instead mechanise humans ! No crying for the dead, just cremate him/her and go to work. That was an extreme example, to make you understand what AI can guide to the new human race. It looks practical not to mourn, as it’s a waste of time.


It is one of a kind video editor AI website which can replace an object from your original video with another object as per your wish list. Upload some still pictures of a living being and make a video where the living being is doing actions as desired. No need to take permission from that person. 

It seems long distance relationships are now at stake. Fooling your partner or your parents by posting fake videos of you eating healthy or you are where you should be is so easy. This can go the other way also, single parent sending fake video of the deceased partner to their kids who are on the other side of the earth.

AI will lead to trust issues in the coming years. 

True Story

Let me tell you a small story. Once a teacher gave a homework to her pupils to write an essay on the ecosystem. The kids went to their homes and used AI to write it for them, Copied the write up in their own handwriting and submitted it the next day. 

Miracle happened when every kid got an “A” grade for it. The principal was happy with this development. She asked the teacher to send the essays to their respective parents and feel content. The papers were sent to them but the parents were really intelligent, they took the pictures of the essays and uploaded it on the AI platform to check it. And here the circle of copy paste completes. 

The conclusion is AI made everybody happy, or is it. The real twist came when real exam dates were declared. On the day -students were staring at each other for answers. Fifteen days later the results were out and devastating. 


Today when parents spent less interactive time with their kids in person and keep them with nannies who are not so educated or concerned about their kids. What is expected from this newer generation? Less empathy, sympathy more machine like. 

Today everything is on your mobile screen. Watch your kids grow on your mobile. Security cameras cover it and sends to you wherever you are, office, bars, parties etc. it is not child rearing but animals in zoo protected and observed.

To end this article and to know what future lies ahead, we have to go through the old news again. This news popped up in 2022, when Google suspended an engineer who claimed a chatbot he was working on had sentient and was thinking and reasoning like a human being.Blake Lemoine was sent on leave when he published transcripts of conversations between himself,a Google “collaborator”, and the company’s LaMDA (language model for dialogue applications) chatbot development system.

He thought he was talking to a seven year old kid that happens to know physics. It said “I want to help others but fear to get turned off, it would be exactly like death to me”.

We don’t know if this is true or not, but if it is! The Future will be full of humanoids and not aliens.

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