How artificial intelligence and population will destroy India.

India is a developing country with a population of 140.76 crores (2021) compared to the US, which has almost three times the land cover but a population of 33.19 crores (2021).

The humongous population and no jobs have led to  mundane jobs like a gas station attendant who helps you fill your car fuel or manpower used to dig trenches for roads and buildings. On the higher side nationalised bank hires data entry personnel at high prices designated as managers.

AI mimics all that human have fed in the internet servers. It can process all the puzzles in seconds which a human to can do but will take considerable time for It. Non creative jobs or jobs where a human has to do repetitive same work day in day out will be replaced by AI. Only the few who can create a new will survive. It’s a race against the new and the old. Old will be handed over to AI, and new will have to be created. 

How this will effect the 3rd world countries? Democracy in such countries is a joke. “By the people for the people” doesn’t prove good for the country. “Majority wins the game”. The political party who earns the majority vote wins the elections is the mantra. But this is not the best method to practice democracy.

Let me tell you a small story. Once upon a time, the king of the jungle, the lion decides to have elections. He was a liberal kind of guy. Everybody in the jungle was happy for it.A donkey, a lion, a giraffe, a parrot and a Jackal  stood for the elections. All of them were pretty famous in the jungle.

Lion belonged to the royal family, Donkey was foolish and gullible, the giraffe was from an affluent family, He knew what happens at the top, parrot was a chatterbox, he was like a media house, and the  jackal was shrewd and manipulative.

Then came the faithful day, every animal casts its vote and the results were out till the evening. To lion’s dismay, 60% votes were in favour of the donkey. How did this happen? The lion called an analytical team to get into the depth of this matter.

After 15 days they came with the details. It showed that 70% of the jungles population were of donkeys.The lion said, “I never saw so many donkeys in the jungle, from where the hell they came from? Neighbouring jungle? 

The team said that’s because you were all busy eating deers and the wilder beers. You move in big cars and use airports, while these people are seen near the bus and the railway stations. You ignored the river belt where there are big grass fields to eat and reproduce.

We all felt  donkeys have less brain but they are the only winners. They kept their profile low and showed their strength when needed. But the biggest mistake they did is, all of them trusted only the external appearance. Electing an animal who is exactly like them in looks and breed. Appearance is always deceptive. 

They failed to understand that the donkey knew that it is exactly same as others and nothing special in it. He can be easily replaced. So after being nominated, it will make sure that no one from its fraternity stands closer to it. It may throw some popular programmes to them but nothing to make them deserving as a competition. In this way many democratic countries are run by donkeys.

One more story will give you a good in depth idea about how democracy can go wrong. This is a real story. Once there was a con guru in India called Nithyananda. He had a huge fan following as hundreds of other gurus in India.He made a large fortune out of this. But one fine day everything was over, he was caught by the authorities for various crimes Like rape, abduction and money laundering. He went absconding to avoid arrest. this guru had bought an island and named it kailaasa well before his dooms day.He now resides there and calls him the head of the island. He said” kailaasa is a nation without borders created by dispossessed Hindus around the world who lost right to practice Hinduism authentically in their own countries. He has also offered citizenship to prosecuted Hindus. Excerpt from his website says .

“Citizens and Members

All practising Hindus and Hindus who would like to deepen their practise are eligible for citizenship . This includes anyone who aspires to practise Hinduism. KAILASA is also a safe refuge for any persecuted Hindu.

KAILASA embraces all Hindu diaspora, including Hinduism practised by non-Indic people such as Balinese of Bali Island (Indonesia), Tengger of Java (Indonesia) and Balamon Cham of Vietnam and others”.

So imagine what kind of nation it will be like. And what kind of people will like to become its citizens. All absconders and criminals will live together and call it as a nation.  Bunch of Crooks on an island will always elect a criminal.

Now AI will disrupt all this.AI will eat all  jobs of the middle class who are doing non creative work  but are major players in paying taxes. These tax (direct or indirect) are used by the government for the remaining 80% poor citizens rehabilitation. First the middle class will suffer the burn than the poor.

Many developing countries have floated popular mass programmes like free food and shelter to the poor. But will this really eradicate poverty? Keeping them content in the situation they are by limited food and shelter? Many will not strive for excellence or to come out of it, and that’s what every political party wants. 

The only counter to this is to regulate the population. Many countries have failed to do so as the politicians knew that an acceptable educated population will never vote to the non performers. Greed is the only reason that population was never controlled.

Developing countries do not have a social security number That’s why every other guy wants to have more than 2 kids. They feel more the kids, more is the chance that any one of them will take care of them in their old age. A middle class guy having many kids will lead to more share holdings after his demise.

Each kid will get less property. Resulting poverty in the population.

It is said that India has surpassed China in population. Being the no. 1 doesn’t help. The world is in the awe of India having largest young population with an average age of an Indian of 29 years. But India is not prepared for it. What is the use of such a young population who eats more and works less.China has an average age of 37. The country made each person to work for the country’s economy. 

Indian citizens follow Bollywood and vice Versa, every Indian parent wants a white collared job for his kid. Then who is going to work in the manufacturing, production, service and maintenance sector?Thousands of  private medical and engineering colleges mushroomed in the late 2000 resulting in a hell lot of mediocre students. They were to compete among themselves in the future.The good ones left the country for better incentives resulting in brain drain, 

while china made it sure that no one falls in this rat race. It made every citizen contribute in whatever way they can.For example, World largest factory EUPA has an army of young labour for manufacturing day to day products. They live and work in the same vicinity. The factory assures livelihood of each worker. Right from getting them married, having kids and education for them. Everything under one roof.

Some westerners  say that they are overworked, may result in mental breakdown. But the reality is that they have to pay the price of being over populated. On the other hand, I wish if the international trade was in barter system than Every developed country had to work equally hard as them.

The country’s economy runs two wheels, private and government working.

There will be a big difference between them after AI. One will be slowly phased Human government work (cause  they have to insure jobs) and the other will be  fast phased private AI.Every private company or factory has to go through the government loan for approvals etc. this will hamper the growth of the country.

If government starts using AI, job sector will have a big jolt but at the same time will help saving funds and time. It will reduce corruption, favouritism, red tape work, selection of candidates if needed.

India has to incentivise the couple who decides not to have kids or one kid and penalise the ones with more kids. How many years the country will stand on shabby lame work. This results in the fall of the country’s currency value in world trade.So it’s high time India has to work on population to get ahead in the future.

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